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About BES Toys

BES early years learning materials was established in 2000 in order to bring a selection of toys to the UK market that will help you maximize the learning potential of all children.

The BES/Nathan collaboration combines 100 years of experience in education and in creating educational materials, which is reflected in the design and notes that accompany each product. Long known in France for their quality, adaptability, highly visual and child friendly materials, Nathan products have long been a mainstay in European early years classrooms.

All BES/Nathan toys are designed to be highly flexible, encouraging and appealing to the young learner, while supporting the early years curriculum. In addition, these products can be adapted to meet the individual educational requirements of children with special needs.

New to our range is Manipuloo, a flexible and stimulating fine motor activity which is designed to help children develop dexterity and small motor skills. Also new is Triolo, a workshop activity which encourages early reading, model reproducing and imagination. In addition, there are sixteen other new toys for children, parents and teachers to explore together, encouraging development of language, sensory, motor and numeracy skills.

BES Toys is also pleased to continue to provide support to parents and teachers working with children with special needs to adapt and modify the materials in the catalogue to help meet the individual learning styles of all children. This support is provided on-line at

In the future, BES/ Nathan hopes to expand the number of Nathan products available in the UK, while also sourcing new and exciting learning materials from around the globe. We look forward to receiving your feedback and your first order!

Kevin Conallen

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