BES designs and runs intensive CABAS® based (Comprehensive Application of Behaviour Analysis) ABA programmes, designed to increase the skills and abilities of children and young adults with special needs, through the systematic use of applied behavioural analysis.

All of our ABA programmes include the following, which are generally accepted as being vital to any programme that professes to be teaching as applied behaviour analysis:

• all instruction should be individualised, whether the instruction is provided in a one-to-one setting or in a group;

• teachers should continuously measure all student and teacher responses;

•  graphs of the measures of student’s performances are used for decisions about which tactics are best for students at any given instructional decision point;

• that logically and empirically tested curricula and curricular sequences are used;

• that the principles of the basic science of the behaviour of the individual and

tactics from the applied research are used to teach educationally and socially significant repertoires;

• that teaching is driven by the moment-to-moment responses of each individual student and existing research findings;

• that the home/classroom is a positive environment;

• that the expertise in the science is used to make moment-to-moment decisions based on the continuous collection of data and its visual summary in graphs;

• that teachers are strategic scientists of pedagogy and applied behaviour analysis;

• and that the progress of students is always available for view in the form of up to date graphs that summarise all of the student’s responses to instruction.

All BES Home and School programmes are made of a Team of ABA Tutors, who work with a Senior Supervisor, or a Supervisor, under the direction of an ABA Consultant. The Supervisors are responsible for the training and support of the programme team, under the direction of the Consultant.  In addition, the Supervisors provide parent training, as well as programme supervision and school support.

Typically a programme of up to thirty hours per week, which may include some school inclusion, would require between 2-4 hours of supervision per week (Senior Supervisor), with a team meeting, or senior consultation once per term (Consultant & Senior Supervisor).

For more information about our ABA CABAS® programmes, please contact Kevin.