The objective of Behavioural Educational Services is to immediately provide the expertise and resources required to design individualised educational and social plans for all children, in order to prepare them for future mainstreaming/schooling and to support them in those placements.

To do this, BES applies a rigorous, on-going, staff development programme founded on the science of behavior and its applications to education, and designed around the CABAS® model. The Comprehensive Application of Behaviour Analysis to Schooling (CABAS®) is a research-driven system-wide approach providing individualised programmes for children and young people with and without disabilities.  CABAS® was developed by R. Douglas Greer, PhD and colleagues of Teachers College, Columbia University. Several schools in the US, along with the Jigsaw School in Surrey, currently use this approach to teach children with autism, pervasive developmental disorder, communication disabilities, and other delays in learning, using an ABA methodology in a school setting.

BES programmes are characterized by high rates of positive reinforcement, individualised instruction, continuous direct measurement of student learning, visual displays of student and teacher performance and instructional decisions based upon student and teacher data.

These programmes utilise a research based scripted curriculum based upon B.F. Skinner’s Verbal Behavior  (VB) framework, which results in measurably effective practices. Comparative programme wide data also indicates the cost effectiveness of therapies in terms of instruction presented and objectives met. BES also incorporates an individualised parent education programme, in which the BES staff work with families in the home, and teachers and support staff in the school setting to promote skill generalisation and effective teaching strategies for the home and community.

BES is committed to providing educational services that are empirically sound, evidence based, and to serve as a resource for all persons involved in the care of children and young adults with learning disabilities.