Fast ForWord

The Fast ForWord® programmes offer a progression of computer-based exercises to aid language development, to mediate Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), increase language/communication skills, improve attention and focus, reduce hyperactivity, and aid reading acquisition and phonological awareness.

The first programme in the series is Fast ForWord® Language, which needs to be worked on for between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours per day, five consecutive days per week.  The choice of programme time can be made individually (e.g 30mins, 50 mins, or 1.5 hrs), based on the child’s ability level and attention span. It is important for the period of work to be uninterrupted, and should be delayed if long holidays are planned, or access to a computer and the Internet is not available.

Children can take between two and four months to complete the work on Language.  Both daily and weekly reports are provided when working, which includes feedback to help improve the pupil's outcomes.

In addition to working with BES, you will benefit from the involvement a Speech & Language Therapist who can provide ongoing support during programme work, along with a range of speech & language evaluations, which can help strengthen the fast ForWord outcomes.

If you have any additional questions about FastForWord®, or want to proceed with the programme, please contact us.