EVI KATSAPI, BSc (Psych), MSc (Psych of Ed), MBPsS

EviBorn and raised in Greece, Evi came to UK in 1996 to study and work in the fields of psychology and education.  In 1999, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Middlesex University, where she had the opportunity to study different therapeutic models ranging from biopsychology to cognitive psychology, to behaviourism.  During this time, Evi worked in summer camps for special needs children and as a psychologist in Greek schools based in London.  She also worked for two years in the Speech and Language Therapy department at the North Middlesex Hospital. Her responsibilities there involved observation and treatment of adults and children suffering from stroke, dysarthria, and aphasia; she also provided technical support for communicative machines.  

Evi completed an MSc degree in “Psychology of Education” at the Institute of Education, University of London, in 2000, and did her final thesis on the self-esteem of children with language impairment attending mainstream or special schools.  During this time, she worked as an ABA tutor with various ABA and VB providers in London, before joining BES in 2004.  While working with BES, Evi was doing her Doctoral research at the Institute of Education (University of London).  This research concerned the reading and spelling performances of children with learning difficulties and dyslexia.

For the last nine years, Evi has been supervising ABA home and school programs in UK. Apart from her work with children, Evi is also working with parents and teachers.  She is running training sessions for staff in schools as well as parent workshops focusing on behavior management and autism awareness.  She has also taught “psychology”, “effective teaching” and “learning” in seminars for primary and secondary school teachers, sponsored by the EU. 

Since 2003, Evi is working as a Lecturer in Psychology and Special Education at the Department of Psychology and Human Development (Institute of Education, University of London) teaching a variety of subjects such as “special and inclusive education”, “social and individual psychology”, “biological foundations of psychology”, “psychology of education”, “autism”, “dyslexia” and “learning, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties”.  Evi is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society and is attending and contributing research to conferences on educational psychology and behavioural analysis.

Research Areas:

• reading and spelling acquisition and learning disabilities

• ABA and VB systems

• psychology and education

• self-esteem and language development